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An App by Michael Nash -- The Iron Yard St. Petersburg Ruby on Rails Cohort Summer 2015

Nothing means nothing

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This is an app about dead wrestlers.

Are you running into trouble keeping all the storylines in your wrestling promotion straight? Do you find yourself dropping feuds in the middle of a a story arc because you forgot about some of the moving pieces? Do you dread having to rearrange your entire schedule when one of your wrestlers gets injured? Are you looking for a web-based tool to keep track of the complex systems of stories that exist within a wrestling promotion?

Well, look no further! With the Cream of the Crop app, our system does all of that work for you. Sign up, sign in, authenticate with Google so you don't have to remember your password. Simply enter the relevant information about your wrestlers on the Roster Page. Once you have your roster, you can click on the Generate Card! link to set up a list of matches for your next show, randomly generated. Updates and featurtes are being added to this app all the time In the future you will be able to:. Create feuds between wrestlers, set up the schedule for your shows, and generate cards months out of your schedule.

Lack of attention to plot detail is one of the greatest problems plaguing modern American Pro Wrestling. Famous Wrestling journalist Brandon Stroud of Uproxx complains about that very thing more or less every week.

So remember: Amongst wrestling scheduling apps, ours is the Cream of the Crop.